Oh SI can you see: I just about fell out this morning when I saw the Sun Herald had two stories from Hancock County in today’s paper.

Folks to my untrained eye it appears that when the Newhouse family cut back on printing newspapers to 3 days a week and McClatchy’s Sun Herald rushed into East Jackson County talking smack to do battle with the Newhouse owned Mississippi Press, the west side of the coast was abandoned by the S-H. ¬†Yeah, occasionally […]

Absolutely Allen Powell II is a fantastic journalist…..Oh SI can you see

And for a long while I wondered how Jim Amoss could let him go, especially to a new competitor in the Advocate. Didn’t take me too long to figure out the answer though because the gang at NOLA Media Group can still highlight Powell’s great work and no longer have to pay his salary. I […]

Oh Si can you see Part Deux: Errol and the noisemakers.

Well folks I’m not quite sure where to start as Slabbed chips in another 2 cents worth on the remaking of the Times Picayune. By now I hope you guys have “Sometimes¬†Picayune” fatigue but I know that is not the case with some of ya so here goes for those of you that want to […]

Oh SI can you see? Part 1.1: If you have a meeting they will come, especially if there is food

Did I say yesterday Ashton Phelps wasn’t getting it done at the T-P? Have I previously opined that I thought the T-P was too close to the subject matter of their reporting? The problem I submit is not with the reporters but I’ve said that before too, along with opining that the job of a […]

Oh SI can you see? Slabbed examines the New Orleans media landscape after the T-P cutbacks.

Actually folks we are going back in time first to set things up as we examine the economic changes wrought by the late May news leak the T-P would be scaling out of the dead tree biz so let’s start with this American Journalism review article from November 1994 “A New Era at Newhouse“: (H/T […]